Angina Attack What To Do | Angina Pain

Call for help

An angina attack is usually not fatal unless a severe complication develops, but you should also know that a heart attack may develop from angina since their mechanism is very similar, and if blood supply is completely cut off the heart, the condition becomes fatal, and immediate medical intervention is needed, or the heart may fail. The hints that should alarm you of a dangerous anginal attack include:

    • An angina attack that doesn’t go away after 10 minutes of rest.
    • An unexpected angina attack, or a one that occurs at rest.
    • An angina attack that isn’t relieved by your reliever medications, such as nitrates.
    • An angina attack with sharp pain or chest pain that hasn’t been felt before.
    • If it is accompanied by vomiting, burning pain, or fainting.

If you feel any of these symptoms with angina, then you should call the emergency service immediately.