Angina Treatment; Lifestyle Changes, Medications, & Surgical Options

Angina Treatment

It is essential to know that angina is a treatable condition and that treatment modalities depend on both the type and the severity of the problem. They range from lifestyle modifications to emergency bypass surgeries. The main goal of treatment is to control the underlying pathology, relieve the symptoms, and prevent future cardiovascular events by controlling the risk factors, fixing the narrowing of the arteries by medications or anatomically by changing the pathology.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle modifications may be sufficient if your condition is mild and your symptoms are minimal. However, they are always required, even in the most severe forms of angina because they modulate the main risk factors and hence, work by preventing a recurrence. They include:

1Weight control

The equation is actually simple: excess fat means excessive deposition of fat in your coronaries, which will aggravate their narrowing and, therefore, your condition.