Bronchitis Symptoms; 10 Warning Signs of Bronchitis

Bronchitis symptoms

Suddenly, after waking up on a cold autumn morning, you feel uneasy. You start coughing, and you might think you have caught the flu. But this time it is different. You feel a dull weight in your chest and it’s like you’re chocking when you cough. It is the season of the year when most people experience problems due to the weather, but something tells you that what you are undergoing is something else. Could it be bronchitis?

Under the name bronchitis, we refer to the inflammation of the airways from the trachea down to the smaller structures and alveoli. These airways are clinically referred as bronchi. Now, is there any symptoms to alert you and your family about this medical condition? Keep on reading to understand more about this health problem and why it happens.

The most common symptoms in bronchitis are as follows:


During an ordinary cold, coughing is the body’s mechanism of eliminating the excess of phlegm or mucus by dislodging secretions from the airway walls. Now, if cough keeps on bothering after five days it is no longer a common cold. It is time to go to the doctor. Consider another important factor about bronchitis and coughing: how it sounds. Cough sounds particularly explosive when bronchitis is showing up. The vibrations of the vocal cords, along with the mucosal folds, are responsible for this characteristic sound.

Of course, cough may vary due to many factors, especially the volume of secretions. So, be sure to tell your doctor how long you have sustained this symptom. You can help the diagnosis by explaining if, for example, you have done activities or have been exposed to an environment or substances that made it worse. Again, if you notice any other different or unusual feelings, or if you cough up mucus, make sure to report that as well.

By the way, when we mention purulent sputum and take a look at its appearance, we may notice the presence of large numbers of white blood cells if it is off-white, yellow or green, and opaque. On the other hand, in case you notice a red coloration, whether uniform or streaky, it is because of the mixture with blood. Pay attention to these details so you can talk about them later to your doctor.

Bronchitis symptoms