All You Need To Know About Calcium Deficiency

What are the causes of calcium deficiency?

• Low calcium intake

A low calcium diet or a plant-based diet, because plant products have less calcium and oxalic and more phytic acids that combine with calcium and decrease its absorption.

• Poor calcium absorption

Digestive system diseases that decrease calcium absorption as in Crohn’s and celiac diseases.

• Para-follicular cell cancer

The thyroid gland contains cells called parafollicular cells responsible for the secretion of calcitonin hormone. Calcitonin increases calcium excretion in the urine. In cases of cancer, calcitonin levels exceed their normal levels, leading to calcium deficiency.

• Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone deficiency

Decrease vitamin D and parathyroid hormone levels lead to decreased calcium absorption from the intestine and affect bone health.

• Medications

Some medications as cortisone interfere with calcium absorption or increase its secretion in urine.