Cervical Cancer Screening, Prognosis, & Tests

2. HPV typing test

HPV Virus Testing, Human Papillomavirus Testing

An HPV test is done by the method similar to Pap test. The test is done on a sample of cervical cells from mucus lining. The doctor usually tests for HPV after abnormal pap test results. Presence of certain types or strains of HPV, such as HPV16 and HPV18 can help in reaching the diagnosis of cervical cancer. But further tests are required to confirm diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Current HPV testing systems are able to find out the presence of viral markers (HPV-DNA in infected cervical cells) in close to 100% of invasive cervical cancer specimens, 75 to 90% of premalignant lesions (LSIL / CIN1, CIN2/3, HSIL) and in 50% of borderline cytology lesions (ASCUS).

Pap Test - Cervical Cancer Test