Chickenpox Symptoms; 18 Signs of Chickenpox

6) Shortness of breath

Patients with chickenpox infection can suffer from breathing difficulties. Varicella pneumonitis is one of the most common complications of chickenpox infection. Patients presents with cough, shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain. These signs arise after 2 weeks of developing rashes and blisters all over the body.

Contact your doctor immediately in such circumstances as more complications can arise due to lack of proper medical support. Chest radiograph and CT-scan can help diagnosing lung involvement, but serum antibody titer will ultimatey reveal the cause of the condition. Antibodies are generally raised in the serum of such patients. Antivirals are prescribed along with symptomatic treatment. Hospitalization of the patient is done for a couple of days for proper monitoring of symptoms. Research reveals that the incidence of varicella pneumonitis is about less than 1.5 out of 100,000 per year. Pregnant and immunosuppressed patients are particularly susceptible to the infection. Pre-existing lung disease can be a significant risk factor in developing pneumonitis after a simple chickenpox rash and fever.