Chickenpox Symptoms; 18 Signs of Chickenpox

9) Mouth soreness

Mouth sores can also develop in patients suffering from chickenpox. Raised bumps on the inner lining of the mouth can add to the discomfort of the patient. It is actually the mucous membrane of the mouth that is affected by the infection. This only lasts for a day and then disappears without leaving any scar. Mouth sores may develop into ulcers, but they do not crust over as it happens with the lesions on the skin. Antihistamines can be used to treat itchiness and antibiotics can help the patient in preventing suppurative bacterial infection. Oral hygiene needs proper attention to prevent further infection. Increased oral intake of fluids and well balanced diet speed up the recovery process of the patient. After the infection is apparently treated, the virus remains in your nerve cells and has the ability to reoccur in immunocompromised persons.