Concussion Symptoms; 12 Essential Warning Signs of Concussion

Signs and symptoms of a concussion include:

Concussion is a common occurrence in collision sports and contact sports. It is a condition clinically named mild traumatic brain injury, and it is the result of severe trauma or repeated microtrauma to the brain tissue. It is recognized to have a plethora of signs and symptoms associated with the central nervous system, including headaches and loss of consciousness, but it may also result in psychiatric changes and neurologic deficit.

In this article, you will find the most important signs and symptoms to keep in mind if you or your children are practicing group sports. These are essential warning signs if you had a car accident or endured a recent trauma to your head:

1Recurrent headaches

Headache is common after acute trauma, and it is a usual finding in concussions. It is also common in the postconcussive syndrome, which is a set of symptoms sustained for a long time after the initial injury. Recurrent and persistent headaches are what most patients describe in postconcussive syndrome, but it is not seen in every case. Recurrent headaches commonly appear with dizziness and other symptoms associated with the central nervous system. Sometimes they appear along with visual problems and may mislead patients and doctors.

It is the immediate result of brain trauma, and it is often associated with acute or chronic inflammation of the affected areas. Thus, it commonly responds well to painkiller medications. However, they become bothersome because they are persistent and recurrent, usually alarming patients who come to the private practice suspecting brain tumors.