Coronavirus Outbreak; 10 Common Misconceptions

2. This is virus was created in a laboratory

There will always be conspiracy theories about significant events like the coronavirus outbreak. But things like this can happen without any conspiracy, and there is no evidence suggesting that this virus was created in a laboratory. The characteristics of COVID-19, its viral code, its proteins, and other parts of its structure closely resemble different variants from the same family of viruses. The variations are exactly what we would expect from a naturally-occurring variant of the virus.

COVID-19, similar to other types of coronavirus, apparently originated in bats, and the outbreak resembles that of other coronaviruses. The difference is that other coronaviruses were more dangerous but less virulent. Coronavirus causes less severe symptoms, but it is much more virulent, which means the capacity of infecting other individuals is much higher. But that doesn’t mean it was created in a laboratory.

Coronavirus Outbreak: 10 Common Misconceptions