Coronavirus Outbreak; 10 Common Misconceptions

6. Coronavirus is not as deadly as influenza

The influenza virus has been locked down, recognized, and many measures are taken against it. Thus, the mortality rate of influenza has fallen to 0.1% in the United States, according to health authorities. So far, the new COVID-19 is more deadly compared to influenza, and even though the mortality rate is still subject to change, it is around 3%, according to studies. Still, the mortality rate depends on where the person lives, and many other factors that include age and health conditions.

3% is still low compared to SARS and other variants of coronavirus. But the thing about this outbreak is not the severity of the symptoms but the available space in hospitals for so many people with the same respiratory complaints. The virus is highly virulent and attacks older people with a very severe disease, which is why we need to be responsible, regardless of a low or high number.

Coronavirus Outbreak: 10 Common Misconceptions