15 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of The New Coronavirus

The recent spread of coronavirus in China has raised alarms in several places as the disease has reached and crossed the borders of this Asian country. China coronavirus is also known as 2019-nCoV, and there are near 5,000 infected individuals in China and more than 100 deaths. On the other side of the world, in the United States, 5 people have been identified to suffer the virus after they returned from an area in China called Wuhan.

As the days go by, the medical authorities are closing doors, monitoring suspicious cases, banning wildlife sales at local markets, and preparing a vaccine that is not yet available.

We do know what a coronavirus is. It is a virus that causes respiratory disease, a close relative of the common cold. The mildest forms of coronavirus infect people at least once in their lifetime and result in mild or moderate respiratory symptoms. But this new virus is lethal, and what may seem like a common cold turns into a severe infection that compromises the function of major organs in the body and may even cause the patient’s death.

The most common symptoms of the new coronavirus are mainly respiratory, but there are others you can see next:

1. Fever

Fever, Coronavirus Symptoms

It is found in almost all types of infections, and that includes the new coronavirus from China. Fever is a sign that there’s an activation of the immune system against a given pathogen, which can be either a bacterium or a virus.

Thus, it should be investigated by examining patients in search of other symptoms that may contribute to the diagnosis. In any case, if none is found, the origin of fever is tagged as unknown, and various tests are performed to understand the nature of the disease.

This symptom is found in the early stage of the disease. We don’t still know the incubation time of the disease, but it is one of the first symptoms patients usually report.