17 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Hantavirus

12. Dry cough

Dry cough, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome symptoms
Dry cough

Patients with hantavirus infections may progress into a cardiopulmonary syndrome that may become life-threating in some cases. When they start having a dry cough, this symptom is often a herald of a future compromise in the pulmonary and cardiovascular system. Such a deterioration of the cardiopulmonary health is often sudden and fast-paced, which is why it is very important to pay attention to the onset of dry cough in these patients. In the diagnosis, it should be noted that hantavirus infections do not cause pharyngitis or a sore throat, otalgia or rhinorrhea (continuous production of fluid mucus). Thus, when they are present in patients, other causes of dry cough should also be considered. When the patient enters a cardiopulmonary phase of the disease, this dry cough is often transformed into a productive cough with abundant watery sputum.

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