17 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Hantavirus

17. Oliguria


There is also a hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, in which patients also have a severe renal compromise that may lead to acute kidney injury and failure. These patients will have transient oliguria, which is the clinical name of a significant reduction in the urine output. However, this manifestation of the disease is not very common. Patients more commonly have oliguria after the cardiopulmonary phase of the disease is resolved. During the convalescent period, patients may develop residual kidney complications that may even lead to chronic kidney disease.

The complications of hantavirus infections include severe cardiopulmonary compromise, cardiovascular collapse, and shock. The organs commonly involved are the kidneys (acute renal failure), the brain (anoxic brain injury), and the heart (ventricular fibrillation and pulseless electrical activity. Thus, even if the disease has various stages, and it is sometimes difficult to make the diagnosis before the cardiorespiratory phase, any evidence of contact with mice or mouse droppings should be considered, and precautions should be taken in high-risk patients.


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