What Is Average Blood Pressure by Age? – Healthy Blood Pressure Range

Healthy blood pressure is essential for a healthy life. It represents a sign of good health and protects you from dangerous complications, which may become life-threatening. It reflects the correct function of the heart and the blood vessels, as well as the body organs, which are receiving adequate perfusion and regular blood supply. Under a normal blood pressure, the kidneys filter blood well, another good news that indicates good health.

A severe increase or decrease in blood pressure is a warning sign that requires your attention and seeing a doctor to control your blood pressure correctly.

We will discuss some important aspects of healthy blood pressure:

  • What is the importance (function) of healthy blood pressure?
  • What are the hazards of unhealthy blood pressure?
  • What is the range of healthy blood pressure?
  • How can we keep our blood pressure healthy?

1. The importance (function) of healthy blood pressure

Healthy blood pressure keeps an adequate blood supply to all parts of your body, including the vital organs such as the heart, the brain, and the kidneys.

Healthy blood pressure keeps a continuous blood supply to your organs as well, especially during heart diastole (relaxation), when there is no blood pumped from the heart.

Due to this sufficient and continuous blood supply, your organs will perform their functions well as they receive adequate and continuous oxygen and nutrients.

The elastic nature of the blood vessels enables them to control blood pressure because they dilate and constrict to adapt to blood pressure changes and keep them within a healthy range.

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