Hypertensive Crisis, Urgency and Emergency

Management of hypertensive crisis

Unlike hypertensive urgency, the hypertensive emergency occurs with organ damage. Thus, the first step to manage a hypertensive crisis case is to see if there is organ damage or not.

To do this, the doctor should do the following:

1. Check the patient’s compliance with his treatment plan; if he took the last dose and how much time passed since.
2. Auscultation of the heart to see if there is an irregular rhythm
3. Auscultation of the lung to detect pulmonary edema
4. Assessment of the kidney functions to detect renal failure
5. Assess the mental status to find out the risk of stroke as soon as possible
6. Eye examination to see if there is ocular hemorrhage or blurred vision
7. Check the presence of other diseases like diabetes as this may increase the risk of complications