All You Need To Know About Iron Deficiency

What are the causes of iron deficiency?

♦ Blood loss

Chronic or frequent blood loss as menstruation and peptic ulcer causes iron deficiency. That happens because of the loss of red blood cells that contain iron.

♦ Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breast-feeding women, because the nutritional demand of the infant increases the consumption of iron and may cause iron deficiency for the mother if not prevented with supplements.

♦ Low iron intake

Low iron diet or Plant-based diet as iron in animal products is absorbed better while plant source contains a non-heme form, less iron and interact with the acid that decreases its absorption.

♦ Poor iron absorption

Digestive system diseases that decrease iron absorption such as Crohn’s and celiac diseases.

A gastric operation might also lead to iron deficiency because it removes part of the stomach that contains an intrinsic factor that promotes iron absorption.

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