Protect Yourself & Others Against The New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly worldwide, and World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared it a Pandemic. Currently, the death toll reached to a total of 6000 worldwide and the mortality is high in China and Spain. The main reasons behind the high morbidity and mortality rate are lack of proper research, knowledge, follow up and therapeutic agent. The COVID-19 mortality reached 3.4% in the march report, but don’t get panic it is not more fatal than cancer (22% in the US, 2016 report), Heart diseases (23% in the US, 2016 report) and other serious infections. No cure available so far but peoples recovered from COVID-19 via following preventive measures, reduced the risk of infection and they are indeed living a healthy life in different parts of the world.

Protect yourself, prevent and stop spreading of COVID-19

Currently, different countries are working on the preparation of remedies, therapeutic agents, vaccine and almost into the clinical trials. The only and effective fighting protocol available is to follow the preventive measures for protecting yourself, hindering the infection rate and save your loved ones. Following are some of the preventive guidelines provides by the WHO, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other prominent infection fighting Institutes and Doctors.

1) Regularly wash your hands

Regularly wash your hands
Regularly wash your hands

The COVID-19 need to access your body via the entrance points Mouth, Eyes and Nose to survive and infect your upper respiratory tract. The most possible carrier to these regions is your hand, left or right or both. So, wipe out the COVID-19 from your hand via regularly washing, and prevent its entrance into your body. Wash the hands frequently either with soap or use sanitizer containing more than 70% or at least 60% alcohol, to kill and destroy the infectious agent, Coronavirus. According to CDC wash your hand for at least 20 sec to remove all kind of germs and wrap it until it dries properly. Plus make it a habit to wash your hands after each and every routine work you done.

Regularly wash your hands, Coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak