Protect Yourself & Others Against The New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

11) Think about your family

Protect your Family, COVID-19 outbreak, Coronavirus
Protect your Family

Put your family on the priority list, your protecting lifestyle will also keep them safe. Here are some points you must consider about your family:

Protect your children:

In the present Corona chaos, the children need more attention and protection as they are our future. They are more vulnerable to stress, fear, and infections. They must be properly educated in homes and schools regarding the new COVID-19. The school should also play its role in providing clean and hygienic water, waste disposal facilities, sanitizer and disinfectant. The government should also take some precautionary steps like vacations, holidays, etc to ensure the safety of children and stop infectious COVID-19.

Protect the young babies and elders:

Most of the death reported with COVID-19 so far is comprised of individuals with poor immune systems such as old age people and young babies. Advise the old age people to stay at home and don’t move around and outside the home, as they are on the hit list of COVID-19. The young babies must be kept in great care and isolation to avoid any exposure to the Coronavirus strain. Keep your elders and babies from overcrowded places and don’t let them for shopping during busy time.

Keep calm and only listen the health authorities:

Don’t get panic and scared of the COVID-19, only listen to your health care authorities in case of public emergency. Increase your ability to resist the stress and protect yourself and your loved ones from any negative consequences related to COVID-19.

Stop attending ceremonies and celebrations:

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is your responsibility to advice the family members, to not participate and attend any ceremony to avoid any physical contact. It will stop gathering and will protect you from COVID-19.


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