Sodium Deficiency (hyponatremia); Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

How can you treat a sodium deficiency?

  • The first line to treat sodium deficiency is to treat the underlying cause because many cases of sodium deficiency is a secondary symptom of other diseases.
  • You should elevate sodium levels in the blood by working on the same points as in the prevention of sodium deficiency. Treating sodium deficiency is very easy by just adding table salt to meals, and for most adults, the recommended daily allowance is 1500 mg.
  • In the case of acute sodium deficiency after intense exercise or prolonged exposure to the sun, this condition should be treated with sports drinks, and in the hospital when there’s no improvement or in severe cases, because it is a life-threatening condition. The patient usually receives fluid and mineral replacements by a cannula in the arm or the palm of the hand, and the doctor may combine glucose with them to facilitate its influx inside the cells to rehydrate them.
Sodium Deficiency