20 Amazing Photos Of The Human Body Under A Microscope

After his first look under the microscope, Anton van Leeuwenhoek was impressed to see microbes and cells as small clusters and spherical figures. He was able to examine the details of tiny creatures that appeared impressive and monstrous under the microscope. Soon he realised that there’s a whole new world we can’t see with our naked eyes, one that is genuinely amazing to dig and explore. Still nowadays, we are impressed to see the human body under a microscope. There are hundreds of 3D models and live pictures that reveal with impressive detail how complex we are and how there’s a whole world we have not yet seen.

In this article, you will see a collection of these amazing photos and how they reveal the complexity of the microscopic world:

1Fat cells stacked together

Fat cells stacked together
Fat cells stacked together

In this 3D model, we can see how fat cells look like under a microscope. They are surrounded by a transparent membrane and filled with fat, but they don’t look greasy or utterly repulsive. In fact, these cells filled with fatty acids could pass for small decorative pillows or cushions stacked together in an ordered fashion.

Bacteriophage virus