All You Need To Know About Vitamin C Deficiency

How do our bodies absorb vitamin C?

70% to 80% of digested vitamin C is absorbed, but if it is above 1g/day, the absorption drops to 50%.

Here are some factors that may enhance or reduce vitamin C absorption:

• Heat and light

Vitamin C sources should be fresh and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat as vitamin C is destroyed by both light and heat. With a common cold or flu, avoid squeezing lemon or orange on boiling or warm water. It is best to drink lemon or orange juice fresh with added honey or ginger to treat cold faster and more efficient.

• Tea

It should be avoided as it decreases vitamin C absorption.

• Alcohol and coffee

They act as a diuretic, and that will cause loss of vitamin C in urine. Alcohol damages the digestive system lining, which results in vitamin C malabsorption.

• Pollutions

It affects the absorption of topical vitamin C.