All You Need To Know About Vitamin C Deficiency

Who is at risk and what are the causes of Vitamin C deficiency?

♦ Low vitamin C intake

Low Vitamin C intake incidence is very low in modern society because Vitamin C has abundant and cheap food sources. Vitamin C deficiency was high in the old days among sailors where they had to stay in the sea for an extended period, ingesting no fresh fruit or vegetables. 60% of sailors died because of scurvy before discovering its cause and treatment.

♦ Pregnancy

Pregnant and breast-feeding women are at risk because the nutritional demand of the infant increases vitamin C requirements and may cause vitamin C deficiency when this is not prevented with supplements or by increasing vitamin C intake in food.

♦ Malabsorption and digestive system diseases

Patients with an intestinal disease that decreases vitamin C absorption such as celiac and Crohn’s diseases should consider vitamin C supplements and these conditions must be treated to avoid its deficiency.

♦ Alcoholics

In chronic alcohol consumption, there is an increase in vitamin C execration in the urine. The downside of regular alcohol intake is causing damage in the digestive system epithelium, leading to malabsorption of many nutrients including vitamin C.

♦ Fast food

Westernized diet that based on fast and junk food lacks vitamin C if not combined with a daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

♦ Smokers

They have vitamin C levels below average and show an increase in their daily requirements by 35%. Smoking decreases vitamin C as a part of an oxidative action of vitamin C on smoking harmful substances.