Facelift (Rhytidectomy) | What Is It, Steps, Recovery, Complications & What to Expect

What should you expect during the recovery?

After the surgery, you will have swelling and bruising that takes about two to three weeks to disappear, while your face usually takes two to three months to feel it normal. Also, you may feel mild pain, numbness, and drainage from the incision. The healing period varies among people; some heal more quickly, while others heal slower. You should start to feel well in a few days.

Your surgeon will see you several times to:

    • remove the bandage in the first few days
    • assess the swelling and bruising
    • remove the stitches after the wound healing

When can you return to your work?

It depends on which type of facelift you had. An invasive facelift may need two to three weeks before returning to work. The less invasive procedures may require only five or seven days to return to work.

Your doctor will recommend avoiding stressful exercise in the 1st few weeks after surgery.