Facelift (Rhytidectomy) | What Is It, Steps, Recovery, Complications & What to Expect

What should you know about the consultation of the facelift?

Facelift procedures and results are unique for your face and your condition. Thus, go through a detailed discussion with your surgeon before starting preparation for the surgery.

During the consultation visit, your surgeon will ask you:

    • Why do you want to do this surgery, and what do you expect from it?
    • Do you have any health conditions or allergies?
    • Do you take any medications (especially blood-thinning medications)?
    • Did you have previous surgeries (plastic surgeries), and did you experience any complications?
    • Are you smoking, drinking alcohol, using any drugs, or taking supplements?

After these questions, your surgeon will:

    • Evaluate your physical, psychological, and emotional health
    • Examine and measure your face’s bony structure, shape, fat distribution, and skin quality
    • Take your permission to take close-up photographs of your face and neck from different angles.

This discussion will give your surgeon comprehensive information to answer if the results will meet your expectations. Also, your surgeon will discuss the different facelift options with you and which one will suit your condition. He will also tell you which type of anesthesia that you will take.

Then, you and your doctor will weigh the probable outcomes versus the potential risks. This information aids your surgeon in planning for the surgery.

You should be aware of all aspects of the surgery that you will do. The consultation visit is the time to be curious and ask your doctor whatever you want to know. Ask your surgeon:

    • How long will the results last?
    • Can I see pictures of my expected look after the surgery?
    • What are the surgical techniques that you will use?
    • How will the recovery occur, and when can I leave the hospital and return to work?
    • What will happen if the results are not satisfying for me?

These questions and others will help you make the right decision regarding the surgery.

If you decided to do the facelift, how would you prepare for the surgery?