Multiple Myeloma | Symptoms, Types, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Causes of multiple myeloma

Why are plasma cells produced uncontrollably in multiple myeloma? There are different causes or explanations for this disease:

    • Genetics: Multiple myeloma will be more prevalent in patients with a first-degree relative who had the disease, especially if that’s your identical twin. There are oncogenes associated with the development of multiple myeloma, especially one known as c-myc. Other genes are involved in the disease’s development, including K-ras, N-ras, and TP53.
    • Environmental causes: The environment you live or work in can increase your chance of multiple myeloma. If you’re continuously exposed to chemicals used in the agricultural, petrochemical, or food industry, the opportunity of multiple myeloma goes up.
    • Radiation: Some studies reported that survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bomb have an increased prevalence of multiple myeloma compared to the rest of the population.
    • Chronic inflammation: If you have chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or an autoimmune disorder such as arthritis, the risk of multiple myeloma is higher. It is thought that ongoing inflammation and antigenic stimulation could trigger abnormal cell growth.
    • Infection with the human herpesvirus 8: Being infected with this virus can increase your risk of multiple myeloma. It doesn’t mean that herpesvirus 8 causes multiple myeloma directly, and it only happens under some circumstances.