Multiple Myeloma | Symptoms, Types, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Surgical treatment of multiple myeloma

Sometimes patients can’t undergo surgery, or the disease is very advanced, and the prognosis is poor after surgery, with a very high chance of infections during the hospital stay. But some patients with multiple myeloma are recommended a type of surgical treatment that may contribute to better disease control.

The main surgical treatments contemplated in patients with multiple myeloma include:

    • Bone marrow transplantation: It is perhaps one of the only ways to revert the disease, but it is a very complex procedure that not all patients may survive. Thus, different tests will be made to ensure this procedure is suitable and safe for you before considering the option. There are different forms of bone marrow transplantation, including autologous transplantation.
    • Surgical care: Multiple myeloma can cause pathological fractures and spinal cord compressions, which require surgical care to improve the patient’s quality of life.