Pancreatitis | Causes, Complications, Symptoms, Treatments & More

What causes chronic pancreatitis?

Chronic Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disorder of the pancreas that, instead of happening suddenly, is ongoing and continuous for an extended period. The exact cause of chronic pancreatitis is unknown, but some contributing factors may include the following:

    • Alcohol abuse: Alcohol changes the way the pancreas works and increases the protein secretion of acinar cells in the pancreas. The fluid becomes viscous and can form debris that clogs the pancreatic duct and triggers chronic pancreatitis.
    • Recurrent acute pancreatitis: When you have many episodes of acute pancreatitis, ongoing inflammation can trigger changes in the pancreas that leads to chronic pancreatitis. You can also have an underlying problem that leads to both conditions.
    • Autoimmune disorders: In some cases, pancreatitis is triggered by an autoimmune condition that affects the pancreas progressively over time.