The Zone Diet | Foods To Eat & Foods To Avoid

Foods you Should Eat

1) Skinless Chicken Breast

120 grams of skinless chicken breast contains 198 calories, 4.3 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbs, 37 grams of protein.

Chicken breasts are full of lean proteins with all of the essential amino acids we need to build strong muscles, necessary blood proteins, and cellular enzymes, these proteins also play a very important role in controlling your appetite and keeping you full for longer periods of time, they have been linked to giving people better moods through the high content of the amino acid tryptophan in them which increases the levels of serotonin in the body.

Chicken is one of the best sources of iron, helping you avoid getting anemia and having better oxygen-carrying capacity. It is also an amazing source of vitamin B complexes which are highly needed for energy production and DNA synthesis.

Chicken is also full of selenium which is required for your thyroid health and to boost your immunity, along with phosphorus which helps you have stronger denser bones, they are way lower on fat and calories when compared to red meat which is wonderful for losing weight and most of the fat content in chicken breast is polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that have a good impact on your cardiovascular health.

Chicken breasts can be the hardest part of a chicken to cook as it needs skills to avoid having an undercooked breast and nobody likes an overly done chicken breast that is too dry so it needs some time to get it right but the best part about it is that it’s very versatile and can be used in various healthy ways to make great meals grilled, baked, and stir-fried chicken breasts with some vegetables are considered to be the best ways to prepare them and try your best to avoid fried chicken since it is usually high on sodium and calories.