Tonsillectomy | Purpose, Contraindications, Procedure, Recovery and Complications

4. Sore throat

Post-tonsillectomy sore throat is quite common, nearly all patients would complaints from various degree of sore throat after the surgery. cold tonsillectomy is the least technique of tonsillectomy that would induce post-operative pain, in comparison to other techniques. Early administration of antibiotic therapy is associated with decrease in post-operative duration of pain.

In a controlled study conducted by Telian et al. to evaluate the effect of antibiotic treatment on post-operative recovery phase after tonsillectomy in pediatrics. They founded that; administration of ampicillin/amoxicillin antibiotic combination therapy is tolerated and safe in children, who are not allergic to these antibiotics. These treatments were effective in decrease the incidence of postoperative comorbidities as fever.