When to Worry about A Rash in Adults?

Most of us have experienced a skin rash at least once. During our childhood, it is very likely we got in touch with infectious diseases such as chickenpox, and they leave a characteristic skin rash. There are vaccines to prevent the majority of contagious diseases that cause skin rash in children, but they are sometimes unavoidable. However, we cannot say the same about adults. The skin rash in children is not often a sign of alarm, but the same diseases that cause mild symptoms in children for a few days may probably become life-threatening in adults. And it all starts with a skin rash.

But we don’t want to raise the alarms just yet. Many causes of skin rash in adults are not to worry, and what we need to do is understanding the causes and the alarm signs and symptoms. That’s why in this article we are going to cover the following topics:

    • what are the different types of skin rashes in adults?
    • What causes a skin rash in adults?
    • How can you identify a dangerous skin rash?
    • What to do if you’re suspecting leukemia as a cause of skin rash?

A) Types of skin rash in adults

There are many types of skin rash, and each one of them has multiple causes. Depending on the characteristics, you may have one of the following:

1. Allergic skin rash

Allergic skin rash
Allergic skin rash

It is caused by an allergic reaction, and typically right after the exposure to an allergen. This type of skin rash usually consists of raised areas in your skin that may join together and create a bigger area that is often itchy and red.