When to Worry about A Rash in Adults?

B) The most common causes of skin rash

Among the most common causes of skin rash, we have the following:

1. Herpes virus

This virus is very common, and since it is transmitted through physical contact and sexual contact, we are all susceptible to this contagious skin rash. The most important characteristic of herpes is the presence of vesicles in the affected area. These vesicles are filled with clear fluid and they break at some point, releasing a highly contagious liquid. As it does, it leaves an open sore that feels like burning and itching. Herpes virus is more common in people who have multiple sex partners, and especially in HIV positive patients. The extension of herpes virus rash depends on the type of herpes virus involved. It can be in small or very extensive areas covered by the same nerve.

when to worry about a rash in adults