Asthma | All You Need To Know About Asthma

Asthma signs and symptoms

People living with Asthma will experience symptoms such as chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath. An asthma attack can be life-threatening in more severe cases, but this is rarely the case.

When an asthma attack occurs, the airways become more sensitive and narrower, making breathing more difficult. This can cause difficulty breathing and tightness in their chest. The airways can become blocked, and air can’t get through. The body then releases chemicals such as histamines that cause inflammation and further narrow the airways. This leads to chest tightness, more profound difficulty breathing, and coughing.

However, one of the most critical signs of asthma is wheezing, a type of respiratory sound that can be heard when the patient is breathing in. In severe cases, even people who don’t know much about medicine realize there’s something wrong because the patient keeps wheezing and it is hard to breathe. It can also be heard through the stethoscope, even in mild cases or when flare-ups are starting to improve.