Diabetes Diet | Top 7 Foods For Diabetics

4) Whole wheat

Grains mainly consist of 3 parts the bran, which is the hard outer shell with the fiber, the endosperm, the middle layer with the carbs, and the germ, the inner layer with the vitamins and minerals the term whole wheat means that the grain you are getting has all of these 3 layers, unlike refined grains which are usually processed and have only the endosperm with the high carbohydrate content in them without any of the bran or the germ with their much-needed content of fiber and vitamins.

Whole wheat is one of the best carbohydrates options for diabetics since it has a high fiber content that keeps you full for longer and suppresses your appetite to make it easy for you to lose weight, whole-wheat also has a lower glycemic index than refined wheat which makes it better for controlling your postprandial sugar spikes and improving your insulin sensitivity, it also reduces the risk of obesity and developing cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

It is a wonderful source of manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium that aid in controlling your carbohydrate metabolism and increasing your insulin sensitivity, the healthy fiber content act as prebiotics which are very beneficial for your gut health and help promote the healthy gut bacteria that helps you have better colon health, lowering your chances of getting constipation and lowering the rate of colonic inflammation with subsequent lower risk of getting colorectal cancer.

To add more whole grains to your diet always go for brown rice, brown bread, use whole wheat pastry flours, breakfast cereals, make overnight porridge from oatmeal with some nuts, and make popcorn your best friend as it is a whole grain that has very little calories with a very satisfying crunch and flavor that keeps you full for very long.