Eczema | All You Need to Know About Eczema

How can doctors diagnose your condition?


If you are experiencing symptoms of eczema, you should see your doctor if symptoms don’t improve on their own or if they interfere with your work and sleep. To help your doctor diagnose your condition and reach the trigger for you, you should answer the following questions:

    1. What do you eat and drink?
    2. What are skin products, chemicals, soaps, shampoo, cleansers, and detergents you use?
    3. What about your activities like taking a walk outside in the woods or swimming in a chlorinated pool?
    4. How long do you stay in the bath or shower, and what is the temperature of water you use?
    5. When do you are under stress?
    6. What makes your symptoms better or worse?

You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you notice that your skin has become infected. Your doctor will ask you to notice connections between your activities and your eczema flare-ups. An allergy specialist may do a patch test to know the type of the allergen.

This test applies small amounts of irritating substances to your skin patches. The specialist lets the patches on your skin for about half an hour to see if you react. This test helps your doctor to find triggers for your eczema. So, you can avoid these triggers to improve your symptoms.

A biopsy may be needed to confirm your diagnosis.