Unveiling Effective Gastritis Treatments: A Comprehensive Review

Acute gastritis prevention and monitoring

Some lifestyle factors and habits can be suggested to prevent future episodes of gastritis. First off, patients with known H. pylori infection should undergo eradication therapy as soon as possible. Secondly, the use of aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be limited to avoid gastroduodenal ulcers and stomach acid formation.

And even after Helicobacter pylori is apparently eradicated, patients should undergo long-term monitoring. It should start four weeks after completing their treatment with antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. This eradication testing is performed with urease breath testing, but in some cases, a stool antigen test can also be used.

Checking for H. pylori eradication is particularly important in patients who still have symptoms after treatment, those with gastric cancer, and MALT lymphoma. But since it is a very simple procedure, it can also be done whenever patients require it.