Unveiling Effective Gastritis Treatments: A Comprehensive Review

Treatment options for adults

Different triple therapies are available for adults in case of H pylori infections. For instance:

    • Lansoprazole (alternatively omeprazole or ranitidine bismuth citrate) plus clarithromycin plus amoxicillin (alternatively metronidazole). This combination has the benefit that all drugs are taken orally twice daily, and the administration is easy with pack kits containing triple therapy and making everything easy for patients.
    • Lansoptrazole plus clarithromycin plus amoxicillin. This combination is considered the first-line treatment in many countries in Europe. It is also taken twice daily, and the success rate is very high.
    • Bismuth subsalicylate plus metronidazole plus tetracycline hydrochloride. This is another combination that is contained in Helidac triple therapy packs. The downside is that it should be taken four times daily instead of two, which may reduce patient compliance.