Hip Replacement Surgery | All You Need to Know About Hip Replacement Surgery

Preoperative patient assessment

For all patients, a full detailed history and a complete physical examination is mandatory for preparation the patient for his surgical procedure.


A full detailed history about the patient hip condition, and if he undergo any previous surgery in that hip joint. The surgeon may ask about any previous implant in any other joint in the body.

A full medical history of the patient including any chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, thyroid diseases etc.

Physical examination

The surgeon should examine not only the hip joint, but all the patient’s joints. Assess patient’s spine and knee joint conditions before hip arthroplasty surgery. Leg length discrepancy must be excluded before the surgery as it may affect the outcome of the procedure. Range of motion of the affected hip joint must be evaluated before the surgery.


All patients should have pelvis view with x-ray as these images help to identify the deformity and its extension

    • Standing anteroposterior x-ray pelvic view of the affected hip joint
    • Lateral view of the affected hip joint

In some patients MRI images may be needed to assess the condition of the bone and surrounding soft tissues.