Hip Replacement Surgery | All You Need to Know About Hip Replacement Surgery

4- Minimally invasive technique

Beside all the previous techniques, a hip arthroplasty by using minimal invasive technique is used frequently by surgeons. In this technique, the surgeon uses the conventional approach e.g., anterior, or posterior approaches, but with small wound incisions.

No definitive data about superiority of any approach to others, and the choice of specific technique relies of the surgeon preferences and experiences.

In a study by Kennon et al. about hip arthroplasty surgery with direct anterior approach, and minimally invasive technique. They founded that after following up with one hundred patients, there were three complications that were reported:

    • One case reported proximal femur fracture
    • One case reported acetabular perforation
    • One case with deep infection

In Mardones et al. study about minimal skin invasion technique via posterior approach of hip arthroplasty in a cadaveric study. They founded that, the injury of Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus muscles were less than in hip arthroplasty surgery via posterior approach without minimal invasion technique.