Hip Replacement Surgery | All You Need to Know About Hip Replacement Surgery

Approaches of the hip replacement surgery

Hip arthroplasty have different approaches, each has pros and cons. Each surgeons use the most suitable approach for every patient, and what he prefers and experienced at. These approaches or techniques are named according to their relation to Gluteus Medius muscle.

1- Posterior approach

Posterior approach is one of the most common techniques used in hip arthroplasty surgery. In this approach the surgeon access from the back of Gluteus Medius muscle.

Advantages of this approach include:

  • Provide good exposure to the joint structure
  • This procedure does not cause an injury to the hip abductor muscles, so this may help to decrease post-operative abductor muscles dysfunction
  • Recent studies suggests that posterior approach decrease the rate of nerve injury during the procedure

Disadvantage of this approach include:

  • Posterior approach carries a higher risk of post-operative dislocation of hip joint