Bipolar Disorder Symptoms; 7 Manic Symptoms & 7 Depressive Symptoms

5.Forgetfulness and muteness

Associated with concentration problems and psychomotor alterations, patients with bipolar disorders also have memory problems in the depressive episode. Memory problems and forgetfulness often make it difficult to perform day-to-day activities and affect a student’s grades and a worker’s accomplishments. Memory problems are more common in the depressive phase, but it is reported throughout the syndrome. They are usually worse when the symptoms are more severe.

Muteness is patients with bipolar disorder is prevalent during a depressive episode. It is especially worrying when associated with catatonia, which is an unresponsive behavior featuring muteness with no motor movements. These patients only respond to pain and some visual stimuli, and it is found in severe cases of bipolar disorder or may result from extreme side effects of certain medications.