Fatty Liver Disease Diet | What Foods to Eat & What Foods to Avoid

6. Coffee

Many people around the world depend on a nice cup of coffee to start their day and fortunately coffee is full of benefits, not only does it give you a high boost of energy and makes your feel ready to conquer the world but it also has been proven to lower the risk of obesity and lowers the amount of body fat along with the increased surge of physical activity it can help you avoid developing heart diseases and diabetes which are contributing factors for the development of steatosis.

Research has shown that coffee is wonderful for people with liver disease since it lowers the accumulation of fat around the liver and slows the progression to liver cirrhosis which is the main cause of developing liver cancer. coffee has caffeine in it and when it gets digested in the gut it produces chemicals like paraxanthine which is the main factor that delays the development of fibrosis and scar tissue in the liver parenchyma.

Coffee is also high on antioxidants  such as kahweol and cafestol which lower the free radical damage on your cells and protect you from getting some types of cancer including hepatocellular carcinoma but in order to get these benefits you have to drink at least 3 cups of coffee every day to get the necessary amount of these substances which in real life can be hard to follow as coffee can be overwhelming for many people and can lead to headaches, palpitations, anxiety, and sleep disorders.