All You Need To Know About Magnesium Deficiency

Who is at risk of magnesium deficiency?

• Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding women are at a higher risk because of the nutritional demand of the infant, which increases magnesium requirements, and may cause magnesium deficiency when this is not prevented with supplements or by increasing magnesium intake in food.

• High intake of coffee and tea

Coffee and tea contain tannic acid, which combines with magnesium, forming a complex which interfere with magnesium absorption.

• Malabsorption and digestive system diseases

Patient with an intestinal disease that decreases magnesium absorption such as celiac and Crohn’s diseases should consider magnesium supplements and these conditions must be treated to avoid magnesium deficiency.

• Chronic diarrhea

Diarrhea increases magnesium loss in the stool and also decreases its absorption.

• Alcoholics

In Chronic alcohol consumption, these patients constantly increase their magnesium elimination in the urine, which depletes the magnesium stores in the body.