Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) | What is it & Why is it so Popular?

Foods you should eat in the paleo diet

1) Grass-fed Beef

114 grams of ground grass-fed beef contains 157 calories, 7 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates, 24 grams of protein.

Beef is the main source of protein in many diets as it has the highest amount of proteins than other animal sources, with all of the essential amino acids that help you build up muscles and lose weight. beef also has the highest content of heme iron that gets easily absorbed through the GIT in its current form and is used to make hemoglobin to carry oxygen in your blood.

What’s so special about grass-fed beef is that most of the beef we eat nowadays comes from cattle that are fed grains since it is cheaper In order to mass-produce them and make them fatter in a shorter period of time and some of these cattle are even given antibiotics and growth hormones to make them grow faster unlike in the past where cattle were roaming free and fed on natural grass that has no added chemicals or drugs to it and some countries in the world today keeps this way of raising animals like Australia, this difference in breeding makes grass-fed beef a bit more healthy if you look at the fat composition in them you find 5 times more the content of omega 3 fatty acids in grass-fed beef along with their wonderful benefits to all body systems, especially your heart, vessels, and your brain.

Grass-fed beef also has a lower content of overall fat than grain-fed beef making them leaner.
Grass-fed beef is richer in vitamins like vitamin B12, and B6 which aid in the formation of your Red blood cells, and vitamins A, and E which both have some powerful antioxidant properties along with a higher content of minerals like iron, zinc, selenium.

The only thing that might not make it a continuous part of your meals is that it is way higher in cost when compared to grain-fed beef but it is definitely worth it on certain occasions or if you can afford it.

You can use beef in paleo in various ways they are great grilled outside or in a pan with some butter and make sure to not overcook them to get the full benefits without any of the harmful compounds that form when you overcook beef, you can make burgers, meatloaves, tacos, burritos, warm scrumptious stews with them and don’t forget to add some greens on the side to balance out the greasiness.