Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) | What is it & Why is it so Popular?

3) Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the trendiest oils in use nowadays since it has proven to be overflowing with health benefits not only for your inside but also for your hair and skin. coconut oil is mainly rich in saturated fatty acids which have been blamed for years for being bad but recently lots of research has proven that medium-chain fatty acids can actually be very beneficial to you and it has been the basis of many diets like the keto and the Atkins diet.t medium-chain triglycerides can promote fat burning by introducing many calories that your body turns into a fat-burning machine and increases the number of calories you can burn but you have to be mindful about the amount you use, if it is used excessively it can give the opposite results and lead to weight gain.

Some of that fat content in coconut oil gets turned into ketone bodies which provide you with fast energy that lasts you for longer than the energy you get from sugar and carbohydrates.

Ketone bodies also have a wonderful effect on your hormones it helps reduce hormones like, ghrelin which induces hunger, that way ketones help you feel full faster and curb your appetite for longer.

MCTs in coconut oil also have been used medicinally for years for their wonderful effect in reducing the frequency of seizures in people suffering from refractory epilepsy not responding to treatment along with some benefits for people with dementia.

There are antibacterial substances in coconut oil like lauric acid that has bacteriostatic activity against some of the most common organisms that cause infection, it is also rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, tocopherol, and flavonoids that help reduce the damage inside the cells and has anti-inflammatory potential that delays the progression of many chronic diseases.
Coconut oil can raise your blood LDL cholesterol levels so it is best to consume it in moderation and limit it to 10% of your daily total caloric intake about 2 tablespoons to be on the safe side.