Knee Replacement Surgery | The Ultimate Guide


If your orthopedic doctor decided that you need knee arthroplasty, you should consider its expenses. Knee replacement surgery is an expensive procedure because the prosthetic implant, as well as operating surgeons, costs a lot. The cost of knee arthroplasty fluctuates in a wide range according to many factors. The average cost of total knee arthroplasty in the United States is 55,000 $, whereas the average cost of partial (unicompartmental) knee arthroplasty is 45,000 $.

Fortunately, most health insurance companies cover knee replacement surgeries as a part of their standard package. Take into consideration that health facilities in different countries don’t charge the same for knee arthroplasty. It is believed that the health service in the US is over-priced, thus many patients have knee arthroplasty abroad. Hospitals in countries such as Turkey, India, Egypt, and South Africa provide excellent health services at much lower prices. It is better to financially consider the additional fees of the rehabilitation center and physical therapy. Furthermore, the longer you stay in the hospital, the more you are charged.