Oral Cancer Symptoms; 13 Signs of Mouth Cancer

2Unexplained growth, lump or thickened patch

An unexplained growth, lump or a thickened patch can be a major warning symptom of this disease. Due to the repeated exposure to certain risk factors like tobacco and alcohol, the epithelial lining of your mouth undergoes cancerous changes and cells begin to proliferate without any control.

Immediate consultation with a health professional is required if you find out any unusual patch or growth inside of the mouth. The side of the tongue and the floor of the mouth are the most common places for its occurrence. Not all growth or patches inside the mouth are cancerous, and that is why your doctor needs to inspect the lesion properly and take the biopsy for further investigation if needed. In the early stages, this growth can be surgically excised, but if cancer has metastasized to other parts of the body, combination of surgery and radiation is the treatment of choice.