Panic Attack (Anxiety Attack) Symptoms; 10 Most Common Symptoms

6. Chest pain

This is one of the major problems in panic attack, and one of the reasons why patients come to the emergency room, thinking they have a heart attack. In many cases, this symptom misleads doctors, and they perform additional studies like angiography to check the coronary arteries, and everything results to be normal. What’s more, it’s been reported that 30% of patients with chest pain and normal angiography findings have a panic attack and not a heart attack. This is especially the case with a variant of panic attack called nonfearful panic disorder when chest pain and other panic attack symptoms start without any known trigger or perceived sensation of fear.

Panic attack has severe symptoms, and chest pain can be quite troublesome, but it is not a cause of death. However, if you have coronary disease and was diagnosed with panic attacks as well, you may have a higher risk of myocardial infarction during an episode, and there’s a higher risk of sudden death as well. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a continuous check-up of your cardiovascular health and do not neglect panic attack episodes, even if they are short and self-limited.