Panic Attack (Anxiety Attack) Symptoms; 10 Most Common Symptoms

9. Detachment from one’s body

It is also known as depersonalization or derealization. This is a prevalent symptom during episodes of panic attack. Patients say they feel disconnected from their own bodies as if they were looking at themselves through a glass or looking at their surrounding through a dense fog. They feel unfamiliar with themselves and their surroundings, and often feel robotic and outside of themselves. It is very difficult to describe if you have not gone through one of these episodes, but depersonalization and derealization make patients feel even more afraid and anxious, contributing to the rest of the symptoms.

Patients who have been diagnosed have something on their favor because they understand what is happening. Thus, they are able to control their breathing, make efforts to regain their senses. Sometimes pinching your skin or including another sensory trigger helps these patients to go back to their reality and improve their symptoms.