Potassium Deficiency; Symptoms & Potassium Rich Foods

How do our bodies absorb Potassium?

The body absorbs almost all of the ingested Potassium, and any excess amount it excreted in the urine.

Here are some factors that may enhance or reduce Potassium absorption:

  1. Insulin: Insulin has an important role in preventing Potassium loss in urine, helps with its influx inside the cells, and stimulates Potassium absorption from the intestine.
  2. Alcohol and coffee: They act as a diuretic and will cause a loss of Potassium in urine. Alcohol damages digestive system lining, which causes malabsorption of Potassium.
  3. Raw food: Cooking or blanching vegetables causes Potassium loss in the blanching or cooking water. It is better to consume Potassium-rich food raw to maintain their nutritional value.