Lactose Intolerance Symptoms; 12 Signs of Lactose Intolerance

2) Burping

This symptom is especially uncomfortable for those who are beginning to notice a digestive problem after consuming milk or its derived products. Now, regarding the issue, burping helps to get a more accurate diagnosis, since the easiest way to confirm the inability to process lactose is through an exhaled hydrogen test (or breath test with hydrogen). The person blows into a tube to give a sample of one’s breath and, after drinking a solution of lactose or eating food containing lactose, and later on, he burps into another tube to give another sample.

When an individual suffers from lactose intolerance, the test will indicate that the breath has a concentration of hydrogen and methane higher than the average population. This is because undigested lactose causes higher levels of these gases in the digestive system. It can be detected in the breath, which will usually be noticed in the frequency of belching. Since taking certain foods and medications, and exposure to tobacco smoke can affect the accuracy of this test, your doctor may recommend taking some precautions before testing your breath.